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Wild Smiles - Designer Braces

Wild Smiles - Designer Braces

Designed by YOU

Traditional metal braces have come a long way with regard to comfort, but the brackets all look the same. But now we have WildSmiles where you can showcase your individuality. You can now pick your favourite shape and mix colored elastics to custom design your braces that will be completely personalized to reflect your personality.

What makes WildSmiles Different?

WildSmiles works exactly the same as traditional braces, are high quality, made in the USA, extremely strong and aesthetically pleasing to give you a custom designed smile. WildSmiles brackets are bonded to four of the upper front teeth and Dr. Aluko threads the wire through the brackets to create the proper alignment for your smile. The difference is they come in six different shapes that can be mixed and matched to showcase your personality.

Why are WildSmiles so special compared to traditional metal and aesthetic braces?

Just like traditional braces, WildSmiles are stainless steel with a low profile bracket. They feature a patented pad design and are more comfortable than ceramic brackets which are often the choice for aesthetic preferences. The pad, which is the portion that is attached to the teeth, has been molded into six (6) different shapes giving customizable options unlike the square pad of traditional metal brackets. WildSmiles are an exciting way to show off your individual personality and custom design style during your orthodontic treatment.

In addition to being able to choose the shape of your brackets, you can also get colored elastics to personalize your smile even more. Elastics are the ties that attach the brackets to the wire that goes across your teeth. The color of the elastics can make a big difference in the way your smile looks, and because elastics are changed frequently during the time you are wearing braces, you can change your colors often too.

WildSmiles braces are great for people of any age who want something more fun than traditional braces. To learn more, call our office to schedule an appointment and see if WildSmiles braces are right for your family.

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