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Braces For Children In Carlisle
Braces for Children

Braces For Children

If you are looking for braces for a child or teenager please take a look at the range of orthodontic treatment that is available to you. Children’s teeth are straightened with fixed braces and still remain the most popular type of orthodontic appliance. They come in a wide range of types including metal, ceramic (tooth coloured) and those fitted behind the teeth which are (lingual Braces)  If your child still has baby teeth still, your dentist may recommend removable braces instead, or even functional braces which alter jaw growth to normalize a child’s bite.

Every child is different so your dentist will advise the appropriate and safe option available for your child. The mouth at this age is still developing so braces are more effective when used in childhood than in adulthood, so the correction of the teeth is easier and longer lasting.

We will help you make the right decision about your child’s orthodontic treatment, given you the facts you need and weighing up all the options for your child’s orthodontic treatment.

  • Having braces for your child will not normally affect their speech. However some types of braces like lingual can interfere with speech initially until your child adjusts to having the braces
  • If you child plays a musical instrument with a mouthpiece, it is worth knowing it will take about 2 weeks to achieve their previous personal level of expertise as they will need to learn to adjust how to blow correctly.
  • When cleaning the teeth with braces it is more difficult, and brushing becomes that more important when wearing braces because food can easily get stuck and increase tooth decay. We encourage and advise your child should brush after every meal and snack and also for five minutes every morning and night. We will help and recommend products that will help you at home.
  • We do advise your child to avoid eating food or biting large pieces of food as these actions could dislodge the brackets, bands or wires. Also if your child has a habit of chewing pencils or biting their nails this can add a risk and damage their braces and will need monitoring.

We are here to support you and advise in any way possible so the journey involved will be achieved.

First Visit

On your first visit we will take x-rays, photographs and impressions, so we can make a model of your child’s mouth, and used to plan your child’s treatment.  If we find your child’s teeth are overcrowded we will advise what teeth to be extracted to make room for their teeth to be more even.

Second Visit

Our orthodontist will explain the treatment plan and the braces we find suitable for your condition. If we have decided to remove any teeth we will arrange an appropriate appointment to do this.

Third Visit & Fourth Visits

This is where the brackets and bands are cemented to your child’s teeth.  This might take two appointments just so we avoid your child feeling tired and uncomfortable.

Recommended visits

We will then arrange appointments every four to eight weeks so that we can adjust the wires (if necessary) and see what other changes can be made if necessary.

After Treatment

When we have aligned your child’s teeth we will need a final ‘debanding’ appointment at which the cement that bonded the brackets to their teeth will be removed. The newly straightened teeth will then be polished and we will take impressions so that a retainer will be made. The retainer will need to be worn regularly over the next few years to keep your child’s teeth in their new positions.

If you have any questions or would like to go over anything, please do not hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to go through anything with you.

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