Price guide for private treatment

We offer a free consultation to everyone, so it is easy for you to find out more about having your teeth straightened.

The cost of treatment will depend on the severity of your orthodontic problem and will take into account if the treatment is for single arch only or both arches(top & bottom jaws), the estimated length of treatment, and the type of braces used. We will discuss all this with you at your consultation.

Private Orthodontic Care : Key Benefits

  • With no waiting list, treatment can begin almost immediately.
  • The highest quality treatment possible, carried out by our team of experienced Specialist Orthodontistand Orthodontic Therapists throughout, to ensure continuity of care.
  • Increased treatment choices including; Aesthetic braces, including tooth coloured (white), clear aligners and lingual (invisible), which fit on the inside of the teeth.
  • Thorough and flexible appointments, which include outside school/office hours and during school holidays.
  • Improved post-treatment retention with follow up for two years.

Private Fees 

Initial visit with Treatment CoordinatorFree
Full New patient consultation with Specialist
includes any necessary intraoral scan, study models, radiographs and photographs
(If you proceed with treatment the consultation
fee is deducted from the cost of treatment)
Treatment with traditional metal fixed bracesFrom £1,500.00
Treatment with tooth coloured (White/ceramic) fixed bracesFrom £2,000.00
Treatment with lingual (invisible) braces (WIN/Incognito)From £3,500.00
Treatment using a removable braceFrom £600.00
Treatment using a Functional braceFrom £750.00
Treatment with Clear Aligners -InvisalignFrom £2,200.00
Metal Braces for “Under 18” Self-FundedFrom £1,500.00
Fixed retainerFrom £165
Removable clear pressure form retainerFrom £80
MiniscrewsFrom £400

Payment Schemes

We offer both single payment and a payment scheme by Direct Debit over the period of treatment and 10% discount for subsequent close family members undergoing treatment.

Single payment at the beginning of treatment - Payment by cash, debit card or cheque will entitle you to a 5% discount off the cost of treatment.

Interest free Direct Debit - An initial deposit followed by interest free repayments spread over the length of treatment.

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